It Came From Milk!

A Halloween mashup of classic cheese and classic horror from Cavemaster Josh Windsor

If there is any lesson to be learned from watching the Evil Dead franchise, it is this – cheese and horror go great together. Whether it is Bruce Campbell’s knowing smirk, the perfectly timed roar of a chainsaw, or the hijinks of disembodied hand on the run, each cheesy schtick melds perfectly with the genre of B horror movies. But why stop short with just the campy kind of cheese? Why not pair actual cheese with some of these seasonal favorites. Presented for your consideration are several cheese and horror movie pairings to keep you both terrified and satisfied this Halloween.

The Cheddar’s Return

Quicke’s Cheddars

No horror night would be complete without a Universal Pictures’ creature feature. From Dracula to Wolfman to the Creature from the Black Lagoon – Universal provided the world with a cornucopia of spooky treats and great performances from the likes of Bela Lugosi, Lon Chaney and the great Boris Karloff. Although Boris Karloff is oft remembered as the quintessential Frankenstein’s monster, his lumbering and obsessed Imhotep in The Mummy is equally as chilling. Bone white and wrapped in bandages Imhotep returns from the dead terrifying a woman he believes to be the reincarnation of his ancient bride. Quicke’s Goat Cheddar is also wrapped in bandages, but is slightly younger than a mummy. After aging for six months, this robust cheddar develops a rich buttery flavor and notes of roasted almonds (not a singular desire to possess its true love).

Night of the Bonne Bouche

Vermont Creamery Bonne Bouche

In 1968 George Romero and John Russo gave rise to the modern zombie film with Night of the Living Dead. The simple story of a small group of people trapped in a farmhouse as the dead literally rose from the grave terrified audiences across the nation. A pivotal trope introduced in the film was the fact that zombies fed on human brains. So when settling in to revisit this black & white classic, choose a cheese that helps get you into the zombie mindset. Ashy and oozing and mottled with a labyrinthine surface that looks like a brain, Bonne Bouche is the perfect pairing for this fright night feature. Luckily, Bonne Bouche transcends its outward appearance and offers up a delicate palate of brioche and fresh cream. If sequels are more your thing, try a Selles-Sur-Cher with Dawn of the Dead. It’s a little darker and the finish is longer.

Heeeerrreee’s Briar Summit

Nettle Meadow Briar Summit

The Shining is a slow burn addition to any horror movie night. With its opening shot of the Torrance family winding their way through the Rockies, only one destination is possible. It may be pretty, but it is also ominous. In Stanley Kubrick’s take on the Stephen King novel, the mountain is as much a force in the movie as is Jack’s insanity. Like the Overlook Hotel’s rustic log exterior, Briar Summit’s sheer slopes transport you instantly to a remote, snowy peak. Fortunately, the only thing haunting Nettle Meadow’s springy delight is a delicate raspberry tea infusion and not the souls of past caretakers.

Mimolette vs. Alien


The surface of this object is mottled as if it has been worn by time. Staring at the deep pockets invite the question, “What alien species made its home here?” Cut into this spheroid and you will discover an unexpected and extraterrestrial orangish hue. This could be the meteorite that crash landed on Stephen King’s farm in the excellent anthology Creepshow, but it is not. It is the classic French cheese, mimolette. This firm and floral cheese achieves its unique flavor from the work of mites, miniscule arthropods that eat away at the mold that forms on the rind of mimolette as it ages. H.R. Giger used several species of arthropods as his inspiration for designing the xenomorph that is only known as Alien in Ridley Scott’s 1979 chiller of the same name. As an added bonus, the firm texture will help with the jaw grinding and teeth clenching that occurs while watching Ripley’s crew perish in a floating tin can.

In addition to a love of horror films, Cavemaster Josh has a passion for great food and drinks. Josh’s love of discovering new beers and cheeses led him from a career in building automation to working behind the scenes at Murray’s. Want to know more about our Caves Team? Check out their stories here!