Meet the Cheese: Cavemaster Special Edition 80:10:10

Wheatwine, washed rinds, and word association with our Caves Team

When one of our Cavemaster releases is named a “Special Edition” it usually means a remix of one of our Cavemaster Reserve cheeses, crafted in collaboration with a local maker, but this fresh take on our award-winning Cavemaster Original 80:10:10 is special for a few reasons.

  • This cheese was made not only to taste good, but also to do good. We’re donating 15% of all proceeds from this new cheese to ROAR New York, which provides financial aid to New York City restaurant workers.
  • The new twist on this classically bready, snackable square is what it’s washed with: Gold Strap, a wheatwine from Brooklyn’s Other Half Brewing Co.

What exactly is wheatwine? Well, that depends. This wheatwine has been aged in bourbon barrels, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. “Wheatwine does not need to be barrel aged. It is a barley wine that has wheat added to its grain bill. A barley wine is a malt-forward style of brewing that yields a high ABV (usually around 12%),” says Cavemaster Josh Windsor. This local brew imparts a rich, slightly boozy savor into 80:10:10‘s semi-firm, buttery paste, giving it notes of dark roast coffee and chicory.

Our Caves Team had fun experimenting with flavor infusion, so we decided to have some fun with flavor words with Cavemasters Josh and PJ. We asked them to name the first things that came to mind with the list of words below–ones that inspired the creation of this beer-washed Special Edition:

Cave treatment of Cornelia


  • Josh: Adaptation (also tennis racket from the harp used to cut the curds)
  • PJ: Collaboration and success

Washed Rind

  • Josh: Beer and simple pleasures
  • PJ: Delicate and fleeting


  • Josh: Roast pheasant
  • PJ: Unique and Surprising

Based on these word associations from our Caves Team, it’s no wonder that this “golden” remix of our beloved 80:10:10 is a successful collaboration with a resulting profile that’s unique, surprising, and utterly delicious. With notes of toasted hazelnut and fresh maple syrup, we like this firm favorite with a rustic cracker, a drizzle of buckwheat honey, and of course, a glass of wheatwine or bourbon.