Spring’s Best Bites

With April showers still in full swing, we’re in search of some bright spring flavor to bring some fresh floral notes and sweet spice into our daily menus. We’re breaking down three classic combinations that you can make using Murray’s cheeses and accompaniments, or even some pantry staples that you have at home. Just start with a neutral base like a sea salt cracker, and build these pairings for an easy bite that’s guaranteed to get you in the spring spirit.

Goat Cheese + Honey

For a serious hit of freshness, this combo is a classic. Goat cheese’s velvety, lactic properties and citrus notes are the ultimate vehicle for a drizzle of floral honey. Personally, we love a simple goat log like the one from Vermont Creamery with a little orange blossom honey, but if you want to get adventurous, try something a little more decadent like French favorite Chabichou, or even a hint of spice with Capriole’s Piper’s Pyramide. These bold selections can stand up to some more fragrant honeys like eucalpytus and buckwheat varieties.

Triple Cremes + Strawberry Jam

Ready for an explosion of buttery goodness? This combo is the ultimate sweet treat. Triple creme cheeses have more than double the butterfat content of classic cow’s milk selections, making them rich, dense, and luxurious. We like a dollop of fruit jam–strawberry is our go-to for springtime, but any flavor works–to create a berries and cream pairing that’s a serious crowd pleaser. For a bite that tastes like a toasted bagel with butter and jelly, we recommend using an everything cracker. Try it with Fromager D’Affinois, a timeless creamy favorite, or Cremeux de Bourgogne, another iconic French cheese that’s bursting with notes of freshly churned butter and sweet cream. Just grab the jam that’s been sitting in your fridge and go to town with these delectable selections.

Cheddar + Mustard

If you’re looking to dive straight into summer flavor, check out our go-to bite for warm weather: crunchy cheddar and a smear of spicy brown or Dijon mustard. It might sound wild, but this combo of sweet, slightly savory cheese with a hit of warm spices tastes just like a hot dog–like the ones from your favorite beachside stand. For the ultimate “hot dog” bite, we recommend a cheddar that’s got more meaty notes than fruity or mellow ones, like Tickler Cheddar, but it works with something buttery and smooth like Murray’s High Plains Cheddar just as well. Try a dollop of Fallot Dijon Mustard or whatever your favorite brand is that you’ve got at home, and you’ll have a pairing that’s sure to keep the flavor going until fall.

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