An Original Story: Cavemaster 80:10:10

If you haven’t met this iconic cheese yet, now’s your chance. 80:10:10, named for the mixed milk ration of cow, goat, and sheep’s milk cheese that comprises this buttery beauty, is more than just your run-of-the-mill washed rind creation. Aside from receiving honors at the 2019 ACS Awards, this fan favorite possesses a rare nomenclature: Cavemaster Original. While our Caves cheeses are rounded up into a number of specific categories–Cavemaster Reserve, Cavemaster Labs, and Cave Aged, to name a few–80:10:10 has a different designation: Cavemaster Original, a newer category that’s defined by a cheese’s journey from milk recipe to affinage.

What makes this cheese a true Murray’s Original? Similar to our Cavemaster Original Stockinghall Cheddar, this mixed milk round was developed from a unique recipe, crafted by the Caves team and made possible through collaboration with Upstate New York’s Old Chatham Creamery. The idea behind it? A Taleggio-style creation made using a specific ratio of milks.

However, unlike its Italian cousin, this homegrown cheese is a mellow, milky blend that boasts notes of freshly churned butter and rising dough, without any of the funky, meaty, or even barnyardy essences that often accompany a traditional washed rind. It still maintains a sticky orange rind, but its paste is silky and pudgy, making for a supremely snackable selection that’s perfect for just about every palate.

Personally, we like this original award-winner with simple sea salt crackers or classic Italian taralli, as well as a similarly silky accompaniment like Prosciutto di Parma. While 80:10:10 might not have the signature funk of some of its contemporaries, it’s flavorful enough to stand up to bolder pairings like a spiced chutney or rich balsamic. And when it comes to beverage pairings? Try going for a light Pinot Noir, or even a Negroni if it’s happy hour.

Want to explore more of Murray’s Caves creations? Check out what goes on behind the scenes in our state-of-the-art Long Island City aging facility here.

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