Home for the Holidays: Thanksgiving with Murray’s

Thanksgiving might look a little different this year, but we’re here to ensure it’s still as delicious as always, no matter how you celebrate. We’ve rounded up a few must-haves for feasting at home, from full collection spreads to seasonal snacks, plus specialty items like our ready-to-heat Mac and Cheese. Let’s dig in!

Collections + Hosting favorites

If you’re looking to serve up an expert cheese and charcuterie spread or holiday appetizer in just minutes without all the prep work, Murray’s Collections are the way to go! If you’re sticking to cheese and accompaniments, our Pairing Essentials features all the tasty components you’ll need to craft your own creative combos. For something more robust, check out our Great Taste Cooking Collection, which is made for getting cheesy in the kitchen. Once the cheese boards have been assembled, try your hand at baked brie with our hosting set that’ll have you serving up an expertly-prepared cozy dish in style. And of course, Thanksgiving is all about comfort food, and our Classic Mac and Cheese is the gourmet version of a childhood classic, featuring a blend of cheeses, textured radiatore noodles, and breadcrumbs. Just pop it in the oven and spice it up with your own toppings for a simple and unforgettable side dish.

Classic Cheese

Want to craft your own cheese board? We’ve got you covered. For intimate gatherings that are sure to be food-heavy, we like to stick to mild, buttery, and snackable cheeses that pair nicely with just about everything, and suit every guest’s palate. For your classic creamy option, it’s impossible to go wrong with a brie. To turn up the decadence, we love our French Double Creme Brie, which has an essence of salted butter and freshly baked bread, and is less minerally and mushroomy than a typical brie. When it comes to firmer, crunchier cheeses, we like to go with at least one Alpine-style selection and one cheddar. Our picks for Thanksgiving? Murray’s 18 Month Aged Comte, a rare and rich Comte cheese that’s got notes of dried fruit and roasted hazelnuts. And for something sweeter, we like Murray’s High Plains Cheddar, which is a traditionally grassy, milky cheddar that’s perfect with fruit jams or even baked into a pie.

Crowd-pleasing Accompaniments

When it comes to plating sides and snacks for your holiday celebration, it’s good to include a mix of charcuterie, crackers, and sweet bites to pair with your cheese selections and homemade appetizers. For charcuterie, we love a silky Italian prosciutto that’s got the perfect balance of savory and salty–it’s ideal with fresh fruit, olives, and most cheeses. And when it comes to condiments, no spread is complete without some kind of jam or preserves, and if you’re looking to kick up the holiday flavor, Murray’s Spiced Cherry Preserves are the ultimate treat. Infused with cloves, this juicy cherry jam is a warm complement to cheeses with notes of roasted nuts. Of course, every appetizer spread should have crackers, and we like to stick to traditional artisanal sea salt crisps to allow the flavors of the cheeses and accompaniments to really shine through.

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