Oscar Party Cheese Plates: IT’S AN HONOR JUST TO BE NOM NOM NOM-ED

We’d like to thank all the little cheeses…and help you be fancy and impress guests at your Oscars Party with our 2014 cheese plate picks! We can’t wait to enjoy the show on March 2nd and, obviously, cheese is a must.

When serving cheese plates, remember these rules of tongue:

-stick with 3-5 cheeses
-select a variety of milk-types (goat, cow, sheep, water buffalo) or styles (bloomy, washes, fresh, blue…)
-one ounce of cheese, per cheese/ per person
-let cheese sit out at room temp for AT LEAST an hour for ultimate flavor and texture perfection
-serve from mildest to strongest

The Best Dressed List

For the Red Carpet: Bijou – Downy, creamy, round baubles—forget diamonds, this cheese is a girl’s best friend.

For the Opening Number: St. Nectaire – Golden earthy tones are just the thing to bring substance and balance to your plate.

For the Ceremony: Ossau Iraty – Classic features keep this complex, French sheep milk cheese in style all the time.

For the After-Party: Bleu d’Auvergne— Slink into velvety royal blue to end the night with decadence.

Timeless Classics

Caveman Blue

The Ingénue: Torus – Elegant and coveted and by all with eyes and taste buds

The Meryl Streep: Parmigiano Reggiano ‘Bonati‘ – A classic that’s undisputed in its reign, respected and hailed as royalty; it can do no wrong.

The Foreign Contender: Scharfe Maxx – a powerful presence from abroad converts audiences with smoothness and flavors that evoke comfort foods

The Method Actor: Caveman Blue – raw yet refined; a tour de force; completely enfolds you in the authentic experience.


This Year’s Blockbusters

American Hustle Fresh Mozzarella –There’s no faking this whole milk, Jersey-made favorite– it’s got smooth moves and groovy style.
Her(b) Goat Log –A soft-at-heart goat cheese that’s really just looking to connect…with your mouth.
Wolf of Wall StreetBlu di Buffala – It’s a bull market for buffalo milk blues, and this one tastes money both on and off your yacht.
Nebraska  – Prairie Breeze Cheddar –Too much family-time can wear you down…find comfort with a few bites of sweet, grassy cheddar.
Gravity – Torta del Casar – Much like Anton Cuarón’s blockbuster, this cosmically delicious washed-rind has a strong lead and thought-provoking complexity.

Best Supporting Accompaniments

Marcona Almonds

Fig Jam – Sweet goes with savory like Carol Lombard goes with Clark Gable.  This spread is versatile and great to have on hand.

Marcona Almonds – A well-seasoned performance with salt-of-the-earth crunch. Think Brando in On the Waterfront…

Seashore Honey – Like Mary Pickford, this honey is pure gold, whipped into sweet, sweet perfection. It’s honey taken to a whole ‘nother level, doll.